We live in a digital age, where everything is done at the touch of a button through the screen, and if you have a business, you probably understand that a website has long been not a privilege, and that it is your business card among consumers. But if in the past we could settle for a simple site that will be present in the search engines, it is clear to us today that it is important to build a site with a presence, ie one that will stand out from the competition and present the business at the forefront, because when the network is busy Has grown.

Website design includes planning and infrastructure preparation, which will adapt the website to the competitive market it is expected to enter, and its purpose is to help the website penetrate the search engine so that it can realize its full business, economic and branding potential.

When characterizing the site, it is important to determine a number of issues, according to which the site will be built along the way:


Every site has a super purpose. Whether it’s a site designed to strengthen a brand, make online sales or present a company catalog, it’s important to define the purpose for which it was built. Based on the goal to be determined, the site will be built and designed.

Target Audience

It is important to define the audiences to which the site will address. Are these existing customers, new audiences and more. Also, under the definition of audiences, we will examine specific parameters in the segmentation of the market, such as age (adolescents / ages 30-50 …), status (young couples / mothers …), gender, occupation and more. When we know what audience we are addressing, we will know his needs and searches better, and based on this vital knowledge we will tailor the site for him.


The website should be designed according to the niche to which the business belongs, taking into account current trends and the personal taste of the designer and business owner. It is important to determine icons, colors, fonts and design elements, on the basis of which the site will be designed and derived from the branding elements of the business in order to build a uniform graphic language, which produces reliability and stability in the eyes of users.


The system on which the website will be set up will determine how it will be maintained and managed in the future. This parameter also includes building an infrastructure for the purpose of promoting the site on the web (search engine optimization), how to navigate the site, what will be displayed on each page and the site’s specifications in general.


The construction of the site’s digital marketing mix will largely determine the type of content it will have, as each marketing channel is designed to ultimately direct traffic to the website. Therefore, examining the topic of marketing is necessary, and will determine whether a blog, video page, etc. is needed.

Zoltak Group specializes in characterizing websites and building them on top of the WordPress system, whose many benefits give our customers the opportunity to enjoy a quality website at the highest level. Depending on the needs of the business and your wishes, we will characterize the site and make sure to adapt it optimally to the digital arena, so that it integrates quickly and over time.

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