Imagine you arrive at a store on a rainy day, you expect to enter and feel a cool breeze of air conditioning and a smiling face welcoming you, service people offering their help and even background music that makes your stay pleasant while shopping, but to your disappointment, the electric front door is slow and squeaky. Cool at all because the air conditioner has broken down, the seller is not sympathetic and even the products you were looking for are out of stock. You will probably follow in your footsteps, and look for another store to make your purchase down the street.

The professional term for this scenario is called shopping experience, and when we deal with websites, we call it user experience.

Unsurprisingly, similar to off-screen life, even when browsing websites, users are looking for a convenient, fast, pleasant and accurate browsing experience for them. Why is this so important? For the simple reason that if users do not enjoy the tourist on your business site, or do not find what they are looking for, and better as soon as possible, they will abandon the site very quickly, click through to your competitor, and most likely not give you another chance to disappoint them.

But the user experience has a heavier weight than that, because Google’s search engine, which is used by more than 90% of surfers in the State of Israel when searching for information, product or service on the web, detects abandonment of the various sites, and based on the user’s time. Promote it to the top of the search engine, that is, to the top places in Google, or lower it far down, which will significantly hurt your site’s chances of succeeding, gaining popularity and yielding business growth for you.

These are just a small part of the reasons why building the user experience is an integral part of characterizing a website, and based on the experience we want to build for surfers we choose how to program and design the site. If so, what are the parameters that are important for us to consider when building the user experience?

Page speed

It is important to us that the site is fast, and that users do not have to wait while switching between the pages of the site. That is, the site should not be heavy and cumbersome.


It is important for us to make the site accessible to people with disabilities, who can also enjoy the service or information we offer, and to perform operations easily on the site.


It is important for us to provide users with what they are looking for, from product information, through available contact methods to a quick and simple registration or purchase form, information security and privacy.


It is important for us to adapt the site to the variety of screens and devices from which users access it (tablets, laptops, desktops, etc.), so that the images and content on the site will be displayed clearly, cleanly, pleasantly and in high resolutions.

Design and branding

It is important for us to design the site according to the messages of the brand and choose the appropriate icons and colors so that they blend together and create a uniform branding language. In addition, the choice of design will be influenced both by the personal taste of the designer and the site owner and by current trends, so that the site will be designed in a modern way, which suits the spirit of the period and the business niche.

Developing and building a business website is a significant step, but it has to be done in a smart way, which is appropriate for the changes that the digital world is experiencing in the modern age. A correct and accurate user experience will give your customers and potential customers who come to the site a quality and good browsing experience, which will make them stay there a little longer and return to it when they need your service again. Our company specializes in building a user experience for a variety of businesses and websites from different fields. Feel free to browse us for a cup of coffee, and discuss the user experience you will want to build on your business website for your customers.